Listening, understanding your business and your challenges

In order to be able to advise you in the best possible way, we need to understand your business, your products and/or services, and your target.

This step is essential. We take the time to listen to you in order to understand your needs and your daily reality.

This knowledge of your business allows us to make the best strategic decisions for the creation of a site adapted to your target. 

Analyse your site, list improvements and/or new features

Once we understand your business, we look at how you work. What are your tools? Which ones work and which ones don’t? Which features could be added? During this phase, we analyse your competitors and how they do things.

The analysis of your tools and this market survey gives us a perfect understanding of the elements to integrate into your future website that will make the difference.

Thinking, considering new avenues, in complete autonomy

We organise an internal brainstorming session and study the different possible solutions that you will learn about as we go along. We focus on the best technology to use in order to offer you a web development adapted to your needs and to your clients.

Our technical expertise allows us to juggle different programming languages and web marketing tools.  We are not tied to any programming software or digital technology. A strength for Wikafi and its clients. We will always make the best decision, independently, and in your interest.

Propose a website based on your needs

In our web agency, there is no miracle solution or tool. Each client is unique. Our solutions are based solely on the analysis of your website needs and our discussions during the brainstorming phase.   Whether it’s custom development or the use of existing tools, we choose the most suitable solution.

Developing your new website

Once the concept has been validated and the main principles of your future site have been formalised, it’s time to go! The team of developers gets to work.

Throughout the development of your site, you will be able to follow its progress via a Beta version accessible via a secure link. This methodology allows us to quickly detect whether everything has been thought out correctly and to correct it if necessary.

Once the development is complete, we check the tool down to the last detail before submitting it to you for final testing. 

Testing the development 

This stage is crucial… During this phase, you will test the tool in depth. For qualitative tests that consider all functionalities, it is best to establish different scenarios. If you wish, we can help you write the scenarios.

Validate the development

Once all the tests have been completed, you validate the development and we start production.

Go live and migrate

We implement the solution in the production environment. Once the installation is complete, we organise a quality test to ensure that the migration has gone smoothly.

Monitoring and follow-up of objectives

To ensure that the tool is always accessible, we install an automated monitoring system. In case of a problem we receive an alert and are able to react quickly.

We analyse the KPIs to ensure that the objectives are met and if necessary, we adapt the solution.

What’s next?

At Wikafi, we are passionate about what we do and we like innovations. If we think that a solution could be beneficial to your business, we will let you know. 

The world is changing fast. Your business will continue to evolve in the years to come. That’s why all our developments are future-proof.