At your service since 2013

Wikafi is a story of friendship, complicity and trust. Friends and IT professionals who, at the dawn of the Internet, were already involved in the creation of websites. Jean-François Sillen and Joseph Thirionet work at Systemat, a leading IT solutions company in Belgium (since acquired by Spie).

They developed solid expertise in website development and IT project management. But above all, they became friends. And when the opportunity arose to take over the web department of Systemat and continue doing what they love, but on their own, they went for it. Wikafi was born, we were in 2013.

Oliver Noël de Burlin is a web development expert for the bpost group. A long-time friend of Jean-François, he decided to join the team in 2015.

The three friends form a very complementary trio to ensure all the dimensions of a growing SME. Always at the forefront of website creation and mobile application development solutions, all three put their expertise at the service of their clients. Medium and large companies that are starting from a blank page to launch a website or that want to review their website. In order to offer complete and tailor-made sites, a graphic designer, copywriter and server administrator also contribute their skills and added value to the clients’ projects.

Most of them have been there since the beginning. Real partnerships are created between Wikafi’s developers and their clients. They appreciate the way we listen to their needs, the agility of the team, the quality of the deliverables and the relationship of trust that has been built up over the years.

Some achievements